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Solar Photovoltaic
Resource Potential of Solar Photovoltaic

Pakistan covers 796,095 square kilometers of land between latitudes 24° and 36°north and longitudes 61° and 76° east.

USAID NREL Solar Map for Pakistan - 2006

Solar On-Grid Development

List of LOIs issued for a consolidated capacity fo 792.99 MW

S.No Company Capacity (MW) Province
1 First Solar 2 Punjab
2 DACC Associates 50 Punjab
3 Access Solar (Pvt) Ltd 10 Punjab
4 Associated Technologies Pvt Ltd 30 Punjab
5 Bukhsh Energy Pvt Ltd 10 Punjab
6 Avelar Energy Group 50 Punjab
7 Wah Industries Ltd 5 Punjab
8 Solargen Pvt Ltd 50 Punjab
9 Hecate Energy 50 Punjab
10 Hecate Energy 150 Punjab
11 Trans Tech Pakistan 50 Punjab
12 Sunlux Energy Innovations 5 Punjab
13 Sapphire Solar Pvt Ltd 10 Sindh
14 Realforce Ruba Pakistan Power Pvt Ltd 20 Punjab
15 Global Strategies (Pvt) Ltd 10 Punjab
16 Forte Pakistan 0.99 Punjab
17 Integratted Power Solution (Pvt) Ltd 50 Sindh
18 Jafri & Associates 50 Sindh
19 solar Blue Pvt Ltd 10 Sindh
20 Zaheer Khan & Brothers 10 Punjab
21 Dawood Group Ltd 10 Sindh
22 Table Rock Associate 100 Punjab
23 Safe Solar Power Pvt Ltd 10 Punjab
24 Techaccess FZ LLC II 10 Punjab
Total 792.99

Upfront Tariff for Solar PV Power Projects

Region Rs/kWh Cent/kWh
North 17.8563 17.0060
South 17.1216 16.3063

NEPRA's Upfront Tariff Determination for Solar Power Plants Download

Draft Standard Energy Purchase Agreement (EPA) & Implementation Agreements (IA)

AEDB in collaboration with GiZ is in the process of preparing Standard Energy Purchase Agreement (EPA) & Implementation Agreements (IA) for On-Grid Solar PV Power Projects in Pakistan.

AEDB organized Stake Holder Consultative Workshops for obtaining feedback and taking onboard all stakeholders for finalization of draft standarized and bankable documents.

  • Draft Solar Energy Purchase Agreement (EPA)Download

  • Draft Solar Implementation Agreement (IA) Download

Punjab Power Development Board has also issued few Solar LOIs Click for details

Rural Electrification Program

Parliamentarian Sponsored Village Electrification Programme (PSVEP)

Ground Water Pumping Through Renewable Energy Resources