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The World Wind Energy Association (WWEA) and Renewable Resources Pvt Ltd. Pakistan (RE2), with the support of Alternative Energy Development Board of Pakistan, will organize the 17th World Wind Energy Conference and Expo (WWEC2018) from 05-07 April 2018 in Karachi Pakistan.

 The main theme of WWEC2018 is “RE-energizing the Developing World”

First of its kind in Pakistan, WWEC2018 will focus on the opportunities offered by innovation and modernization of wind energy in particular and renewable energy in general to meet growing energy demands of the developing countries in an affordable and reliable way, based on domestic renewable resources and without exacerbating climate change risks. A renewables based economy offers unique opportunities for economic growth and prosperity. The conference will attract delegates, trade visitors, exhibitors and wind energy professional over a span of three days from around the world in Karachi.

WWEC2018 also offers a range of sponsorship options in order to present your company and its products and services to a distinguished international audience of leading wind and renewable energy experts. The full sponsorship brochure is available on the conference website.

For more information about the conference, please visit: www.wwec2018.com


Previous Word Wind Energy Conference Venues:

– WWEC2017   –   Malmö, Sweden
– WWEC2016   –   Tokyo, Japan
– WWEC2015   –   Jerusalem, Israel
– WWEC2014   –   Shanghai, China
– WWEC2013   –   Havana, Cuba
– WWEC2012   –   Bonn, Germany
– WWEC2011   –   Cairo, Egypt
– WWEC2010   –   Istanbul, Turkey
– WWEC2009   –   Jeju, South Korea
– WWEC2008   –   Kingston, Canada
– WWEC2007   –   Mar del Plata, Argentina
– WWEC2006   –   New Delhi, India
– WWEC2005   –   Melbourne, Australia
– WWEC2004   –   Beijing, China
– WWEC2003   –   Cape Town, South Africa
– WWEC2002   –   Berlin, Germany

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