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    AEDB/UNIDO requesting RFPs for Demo 25 KW Biomass Gasification Plant


      AEDB / UNIDO under the banner of its GEF funded Project titled as " Promoting Sustainable Energy Production and Use from Biomass " is seeking Request For Proposals (RFP)  to award a financial grant for developing up to  25 KW Biomass Gasification based Power plant for captive power or for rural electrification. Interested parties could access the RFP documents through UNIDO's procurement portal (https://procurement.unido.org/) RFP No : 7000003288 .  Please note that In order to access the full bidding documents, it is required to create a bidder account.  The deadline for accepting all the RFPs is  Wednesday 21st Nov , 2018.

     Once the bidders account has been created than all the queires in relation with the RFP shall be addressed to the  UNIDO's Procurement ( the details of which has been  mentioned in the RFP).

For any query / clarification please contact the undersigned:-


Muhammad Ali Qureshi

National Expert

Sustainable Energy, Biomass - Pakistan

United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO)

Level 7, Serena Business Complex, G-5/1, Islamabad, Pakistan

Tel: +92-51-8354821    Fax: +92-51-2600123
Mob: +92-300-4619870

E-mail: m.qureshi2@unido.org