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Following companies have been issued Letters of Intent (LoI) under the ECC approved Policy Framework for Power Cogeneration 2013 (Bagasse/Biomass):


Sr. No. Name of Project Project Capacity (MW) Location
                                                      Achieved Commercial Operation Date (COD)
1 M/s JDW Sugar Mills Ltd (Unit-II) 26.35 Rahim Yar Khan
2 M/s JDW Sugar Mills Ltd (Unit-III) 26.35 Ghotki
3 M/s Chiniot Power Ltd. 62.4 Rahim Yar Khan
4 M/s RYK Mills Limited. 30 Rahim Yar Khan
5 M/s Hamza Sugar Mill Limited. 15 Rahim Yar Khan
6 Thal Industries Corporation Ltd (Layyah Sugar Mills) 41 Layyah
7 Al Moiz Industries Ltd.
36 Mianwali
8 M/s Chanar Energy Limited 22 Faisalabad
                                                   Under Letter of Support (LOS) stage
9 M/s Etihad Power Generation Limited. 74.4 Rahim Yar Khan
10 M/s Shahtaj Sugar Mills Ltd. 32 Mandi Bahauddin
11 M/s Hunza Power (Pvt.) Ltd. 49.8 Jhang
12 M/s Bahawalpur Energy Ltd. 31.2 Bahawalpur
13 M/s Indus Energy Limited. 31 Rajanpur
14 M/s Ittefaq Power (Pvt.) Ltd. 31.2 Bahawalpur
15 M/s Kashmir Power (Pvt) Ltd. 40 Jhang
16 M/s TAY Powergen Company (Pvt.) Ltd 30 Tando Allahyar
17 M/s Alliance Power (Pvt.) Ltd 30 Ghotki
18 M/s RYK Energy Limited. 25 Rahim Yar Khan
19 M/s Two Star Industries Pvt Ltd. 49.8 Toba Tek Singh
20 M/s Hamza Sugar Mill Ltd (Unit-II) 30 Rahim Yar Khan
21 M/s Faran Power Ltd. 26.5 Tando Muhammad Khan
22 M/s Mehran Energy Ltd. 26.5 Tando Allahyar
23 M/s Sheikhoo Power Ltd. 30 Muzafargarh
24 M/s HSM Energy Limited 26.5 Shaheed Banazir Abad
                                                         Under Letter of Intent (LOI) stage
25 M/s Sadiqabad Power (Pvt) Ltd. 45 Rahim Yar Khan
26 M/s Gotki Power (Pvt) Ltd. 45 Ghotki
27 M/s Safina Sugar Mills Ltd. 20 Chiniot
28 M/s Alman Seyyam (Pvt.) Ltd. 34.5 D.I Khan
29 M/s Al-Mughnee Industries (Pvt.) Ltd 40 D.I Khan
30 M/s Digri Gen Limited 25 Mirpurkhas
31 M/s Ranipur Energy (Pvt.) Ltd 60 Khairpur
32 M/s Hamza Sugar Mills Ltd (Unit-III) 15 Rahim Yar Khan
33 M/s Popular Energy (Private) Limited 30 Sargodha

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