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An online discussion session was arranged on solar PV hydro hybrid concept with the support of GIZ, wherein, Dr Matthias and Ms Julia presented findings of their study on Tarbela dam. The team led by CEO AEDB participated online through their work places given the COVID-19 spread situation in this healthy discussion and deliberated how to take it forward for prolific outcomes in better interest of country.

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net metering progress in Pakistan

 Net metering 3

 In pursuant to the AEDB (Certification) Regulations, 2018 AEDB has initiated certification of vendors/installers/service providers for net metering installations for the benefit of the consumers.

  • Eightteen (18) vendor/installer/service provider has been certified under Category ARE-V1 till now after due process.
  • Thirty Five (35) vendors/installers/service providers have been certified under Category ARE-V2 till now after due process.
  • Nine (09) vendor/installer/service provider has been certified under Category ARE-V3 till now after due process.
  • One (01) Consultaning firm has been certified under Category ARE-C1 till now after due process.

The lists of vendors/installers/service providers will be updated from time to time with addition of new companies that fulfill the stipulated criteria.

Click below for download

  1. List of Certified Vendor Installers Service Providers for Net Metering upto 1000 KW under Category ARE V 1
  2. List of Certified Vendors Installers Service Providers for Net Metering up to 250 KW under Category ARE V2
  3. List of Provisionally Approved Vendor Installers Service Providers under category ARE V 3    
  4. List of Certified Companies under category ARE C 1 as Consultant Firm for Net Metering                



AEDB arranged 3rd Progress Review Meeting on Net Metering under the Chairmanship of Dr. Rana Abdul Jabbar Khan, CEO. NEPRA, DISCOs, AEDB certified Vendors/Installers/Service Providers participated in the said meeting and reviewed the progress of net metering in Pakistan.

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Consultative Workshop on RFP Package (Competitive Bidding) for Wind & Solar PV Power Projects