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A progress review meeting on net metering activities was held today at AEDB Head Office under the Chairmanship of Dr. Rana Abdul Jabbar Khan, Chief Executive Officer, Alternative Energy Development Board. The meeting was attended by NEPRA (The Regulator) , DISCOS (IESCO, LESCO, MEPCO, PESCO, TESCO, QESCO, HESCO, SEPCO and K-Electric), representatives of USAID (Sustainable Energy Program) and more than 20 AEDB certified vendor/Installers carrying out net metering installations. The meeting agenda was:

  • Identification of areas hampering fast track implementation of net metering.
  • Implementation of the Installer obligations as mandated in AEDB Certification Regulations 2018.
  • Issues faced by certified vendors in processing net metering cases.
  • Issues faced by Discos in net metering cases.
  • Operationalization of online portal for processing of net metering applications.
  • Arrangement of trainings/seminars and other promotional activities for net-metering.

The CEO, AEDB emphasized on the need of strong coordination between the government departments and certified installers/vendors for fast track implementation of net-metering connections throughout the country. The CEO, AEDB directed the certified installers/vendors to comply with the signing of customer agreement as obligatory under AEDB Certification Regulations 2018. During the meeting, the certified vendor/installers were asked to share their progress on the processing of net metering applications including steps taken for the promotion of net metering. The vendors/installers were also given due opportunity to point out matters requiring AEDB intervention/ facilitation. The certified installer/vendors pointed out some delays on the part of DISCOs in processing of net metering application along with non-availability of sufficient bidirectional meters particular with the LESCO. The IESCO representatives showed his willingness to provide bidirectional meter to LESCO& other DISCOs on borrowing basis. The participants were also informed that AEDB is proactively working on designing and operationalization of online portal for e-processing of net-metering applications which will bring efficiency in entire system by reducing the application processing time & will also provide real time status of the applications to the applicants and relevant authorities. The participants were informed that the e-processing facility will be at first operationalize in IESCO and LESCO and later the same will be operationalize in the remaining DISCOs across the country. AEDB in this regard will arrange capacity building workshops/training program through USAID (Sustainable Energy Program) in IESCO, LESCO, PESCO and K-Electric wherein representatives of other DISCOS, NEPRA and certified vendors/installers will be invited. Considering the vast untapped potential of solar in Baluchistan province, the Chair asked the certified vendors/installers to establish sub-offices in Baluchistan province along with arrangement of promotional activities for awareness purpose. The meeting ended with a word of thanks to the participants with the decision to convene progress review meeting at least on bimonthly basis.  











In light of Covid-19 outbreak AEDB disinfected its Head Office