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August 23, 2021: Today, AEDB signed agreements with five (05) host institutes including NUST, Islamabad, UET- Lahore, UET Peshawar, Mehran University, Jamshoro and Energy Dept. GoPb, for handing-over the solar data stations installed in 2014, within the premises of host institutes, under the World Bank’s Energy Sector Management Assistance Program (ESMAP). Mr. Shah Jahan Mirza, Chief Executive Officer, AEDB executed the Agreements with host institutes.

The underlying objective is to continue access of credible and bankable ground based data. Through the solar measurement stations and its data, host universities/institutes can take multiple researches benefits.

AEDB in collaboration with World Bank under WB’s Energy Sector Management Assistance Program (ESMAP) initiated Renewable Energy mapping through installation of IEC compliant solar and wind measurement stations throughout the country.

Under the solar mapping component in 2014, total of nine (09) ground based solar data stations across Pakistan were installed. Eight (08) solar measurement stations were installed in different universities of the country and one (01) solar station was installed at Quaid-e-Azam Solar Park, Bahawalpur.

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