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Wind Energy in Pakistan
Resource Potential

The wind map developed by National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), USA in collaboration with USAID, has indicated a potential of 346,000 MW in Pakistan.

The Gharo-Keti Bandar wind corridor spreading 60 KM along the coastline of Sind Province and more than 170 km deep towards the land alone has a potential of approximately 50,000 MW.

30% ~ 32% Capacity Factor estimated in Gharo -Keti Bandar area.

Wind resource in Gharo ~ Keti Bandar wind corridor validated by RisO DTU National Laboratory,Denmark


Atleast 5% of the total power generation from ARE sources by the year 2030.

Government Incentives

Government of Pakistan's "Policy for Development of Renewable Energy for Power Generation" offers the following incentives:

  • Wind Risk in Certain Areas (risk of variablity of wind speed).
  • Guaranteed electricity purchase.
  • Grid provision is the responsibility of the purchaser.
  • Protection against political risk.
  • Attractive Tariff (Cost plus with up to 17% ROE), indexed to inflation & exchange rate variation (Rupee / Dollar).
  • Euro/Dollar parity allowed.
  • Carbon Credits available.
  • No Import Duties on Equipment.
  • Exemption on Income Tax/Withholding Tax and Sales Tax.
  • Permission to issue corporate registered bonds.
Proposed Areas of Collaboration

Direct Foreign Investment (DFI):Participation of companies in development of wind farms through DFI. Government of Pakistan shall provide full facilitation through AEDB.

Financing / Lending for Commercial Wind Power Projects: Banks and financing institutions may finance the commercial projects through dept and equity sharing.

Collaboration in Wind Turbine Manufacturing: Collaboration with Pakistani engineering industries for manufacturing wind turbines in Pakistan.

Current Status of ON-Grid Wind Power Generation Projects

S.No Company Location of Land
1 New Park Energy Pvt Ltd Gharo
2 Tenaga Generasi Ltd. Kuttikun
3 Green Power (Pvt) Ltd, Kuttikun
4 Dawood Power Ltd. Bhambore
5 Master Wind Energy Ltd, Jhampir
6 Zephyr Power Ltd Bhambore
7 Beacon Energy Ltd. Kuttikun
8 HOM Energy (Private) Ltd, Jhampir
9 Sachal Energy Development Pvt Ltd, Jhampir
10 Fauji Fertilizer Company Ltd. Jhampir
11 Arabian Sea Wind Energy Pvt. Ltd. Lakha
12 Lucky Energy (Pvt) Ltd Jhampir
13 Metro Power Co. (Pvt) Jhampir
14 Gul Ahmed Energy Ltd, Jhampir
15 Zorlu Enerji, Jhampir
16 Wind Eagle Ltd. (Technology Plc Ltd), Jhampir
17 Wind Eagle Ltd. (Technology Plc Ltd), Jhampir
18 Sapphire Wind Power Company (Pvt) Ltd, Jhampir
19 CWE Jhampir
20 Abbas Steel Group Bhambore
21 Abbas Steel Group Bhambore

Feasibility Study

Feasibility studies for 50 MW wind power projects submitted by thirteen (13) IPPs namely:-

  • Green Power Pvt Ltd
  • Beacon Energy
  • New Park Energy
  • Tenaga Generasi Ltd
  • Zephyr Power Pvt Ltd.
  • Dawood Power Ltd
  • Zorlu Enerji Pakistan Ltd
  • Fauji Fertilizer Company Ltd.
  • Arabian Sea Wind Energy Pvt. Ltd.
  • Makwind Pvt. Ltd.
  • Master Wind Energy (Pvt.) Ltd.
  • Lucky Energy Pvt. Ltd.
  • Sapphire Wind Power Company (Pvt.) Ltd
Generation License

NEPRA has so far issued Generation License to following IPPs;

  • Green Power Pvt. Ltd.
  • New Park Energy
  • Tenaga Generasi Ltd
  • Dawood Power Ltd
  • Zorlu Enerji Pakistan Ltd.
  • Arabian Sea Wind Energy Pvt Ltd.
  • Fauji Fertilizer Company Energy Ltd.

Applications for issuance of Generation License of Sunnec Wind Power Generation Pvt Ltd is in process at NEPRA.


NEPRA has so far announced tariff determinations for five (5) IPPs.

S.No Name of IPP Tariff(US$ Cents per kWh) Date announced
1 Green Power Pvt Ltd 10.2852 27 April 2007
2 Dawood Power Ltd 11.87 6 December 2008
3 Zorlu Enerji Pakistan Ltd 12.1057 23 May 2008
4 Arabian Sea Wind Energy Pvt Ltd 11.92 12 May 2010
5 Fauji Fertilizer Company Energy Ltd. 16.109 10 Aug 2010

Tariff petitions of one (1) IPPs is under process by NEPRA, namely;

  • Sunnec Wind Power Generation Pvt Ltd (2.4 MW)
Energy Purchase Agreement (EPA)

The standard draft EPA, prepared by AEDB, is under negotiations with NTDC by several IPPs, namely;

  • Green Power Pvt. Ltd.
  • Zorlu Enerji Pakistan Ltd
  • Beacon Energy Ltd
  • Fauji Fertilizer Company Ltd
Implementation Agreement (IA)

The standard draft IA prepared by AEDB is being negotiated with several IPPs.

Letter of Support (LOS)

Two IPPs have submitted Performance Guarantees and subsequently acquired LOS from AEDB, namely;

  • Zorlu Enerji Pakistan Ltd(56.4 MW)
  • New Park Energy Ltd (50 MW)
Zorlu Wind Farm (6MW) at Jhampir (Sindh)
Zorlu Wind Farm (6MW) at Jhampir (Sindh)
Wind Tubine Installed at Zorlu Farm
List of LOI Holders