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Functions of AEDB

  1. To develop national strategy, policies and plans for utilization of alternative and renewable energy resources to achieve the targets approved by the Federal Government in consultation with the Board.
  2. To act as a forum for evaluating, monitoring and certification of alternative or renewable energy projects and products.
  3. To facilitate power generation through alternative or renewable energy resources by:
    1. Acting as one window facility for establishing, promoting and facilitating alternative or renewable energy projects based on wind, solar, small-hydel, fuel cells, tidal, ocean, biogas, biomass etc.
    2. Setting up alternative and renewable energy power pilot projects on its own or through joint venture or partnership with public or private entities in order to create awareness and motivation of the need to take such initiatives for the benefit of general public as well as by evaluation concepts and technologies form technical and financial perspective
    3. Conducting feasibility studies and surveys to identify opportunities for power generation through alternative and renewable energy resources.
    4. Undertaking technical, financial and economic evaluation of the alternative or renewable energy proposals as well as providing assistance in filling of required licensing applications and tariff petitions to National Electric Power Regulatory Authority (NEPRA).
    5. Interacting and coordinating with the National and International agencies for promotion and development of alternative energy.
    6. Assisting the development and implementation of plans with concerned authorities and provincial Governments for off-grid electrification.


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