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Newly appointed Federal Secretary, Power Division, Mr. Syed Asif Hyder Shah, took briefing from CEO AEDB on the role and functions of AEDB. CEO AEDB, Mr. Shah Jahan Mirza, briefed the Secretary Power Division on the progress made by AEDB and initiatives under way. Several matters relating to ARE sector also came under discussion. (01-01-2022)

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The 56th AEDB Board Urgent Meeting was held at Power Division, Islamabad on 24th November, 2021 under the chairmanship of Mr. Ali Raza Bhutta, Secretary Power Division / Chairman AEDB.  The matter relating to registration of AEDB as Independent Auction Administrator (IAA) under the CTBDM was deliberated by the Board. The AEDB Board accorded its approval allowing AEDB to file the application for registration as IAA to NEPRA. The Board was also provided an update on the status of ARE projects in pipeline.

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The 55th AEDB Board Meeting was held at Power Division, Islamabad on 20th September, 2021 under the chairmanship of Mr. Ali Raza Bhutta, Secretary Power Division / Chairman AEDB.  Several matters pertaining to ARE projects and AEDB’s organizational matters were discussed and decisions were made accordingly. The Board reconstituted AEDB Board’s HR and Finance & Budget committees. 

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The 54th Board Meeting of the Alternative Energy Development Board (AEDB) was held at Power Division, Islamabad on 28th June, 2021 under the chairmanship of Mr. Ali Raza Bhutta, Secretary Power Division / Chairman AEDB.

Several agenda items pertaining to ARE sector and AEDB’s organizational matters were discussed during the meeting. The AEDB Board approved the revised AEDB (Certification) Regulations, 2021 under which the process of certification of installers for wind and solar based systems has been simplified in line with the Government’s vision of Ease of Doing Business. The Board also approved handing over of solar data stations, installed by the World Bank under ESMAP, to host universities.

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The 53rd AEDB Board Meeting was held at Power Division, Islamabad on 26th February, 2021 under the chairmanship of Mr. Ali Raza Bhutta, Secretary Power Division / Chairman AEDB.  Several issues relating to ARE sector and organizational matters of AEDB were discussed during the meeting. The AEDB Board approved the security documents (EPA & IA) to be used for carrying out the competitive bidding for wind and solar projects listed under Cat-III of the CCoE decisions. 

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August 23, 2021: Today, AEDB signed agreements with five (05) host institutes including NUST, Islamabad, UET- Lahore, UET Peshawar, Mehran University, Jamshoro and Energy Dept. GoPb, for handing-over the solar data stations installed in 2014, within the premises of host institutes, under the World Bank’s Energy Sector Management Assistance Program (ESMAP). Mr. Shah Jahan Mirza, Chief Executive Officer, AEDB executed the Agreements with host institutes.

The underlying objective is to continue access of credible and bankable ground based data. Through the solar measurement stations and its data, host universities/institutes can take multiple researches benefits.

AEDB in collaboration with World Bank under WB’s Energy Sector Management Assistance Program (ESMAP) initiated Renewable Energy mapping through installation of IEC compliant solar and wind measurement stations throughout the country.

Under the solar mapping component in 2014, total of nine (09) ground based solar data stations across Pakistan were installed. Eight (08) solar measurement stations were installed in different universities of the country and one (01) solar station was installed at Quaid-e-Azam Solar Park, Bahawalpur.

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February 24, 2021: Today, AEDB celebrated the Financial Closing of four (04) Solar PV projects, having cumulative capacity of 250MW. Out of 250MW, Zhenfa Pakistan New Energy Company (Private) Limited (ZPNECPL) is developing 100MWSolar Project) in District Layyah, Punjab and a Norwegian company Scatec in partnership with Nizam Energy is developing 150MW (3x50MW) projects in district Sukkur, Sindh.

On 19 February 2021, Mr. Shah Jahan Mirza, Chief Executive Officer, AEDB executed and delivered the GoP Guarantee to projects on behalf of President of Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

These four (04) solar power projects are bringing investment of USD 148 million. Projects are financed at debt: equity ratio of 80:20. NEPRA has approved levelized tariff of USD cents 3.73/kWh for Zhenfa project and USD cents 3.66/kWh for Scatec projects.

The Projects are expected to generate 494.427 GWh annually. Based on the available solar resource, NEPRA approved 21.51% Capacity Factor for Zhenfa and 23.27% for Scatec Projects.

Mr. Omar Ayub Khan, Minister for Energy told at this occasion that this is a big step towards Government of Pakistan’s commitment of increasing the renewable energy share in power generation by adding clean and green energy into the system. Further the induction of lower tariff solar projects will help in reducing the overall cost of generation. He further informed that the future procurement of power from solar and wind energy projects will be through competitive bidding.

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Press release

In line with the vision of present government’s policy of “Ease of Doing Business” and for promotion of clean and green energy, AEDB has issued simplified Certification Regulations for installers of solar and wind Projects in the country. AEDB Board has enacted new Alternative Energy Development Board (Certification) Regulations, 2021, effective from August 30, 2021.

Previously, AEDB Board had approved the AEDB (Certification) Regulations in 2018 for the safe, secure and quality-assured supply of solar and wind energy generation projects, products and systems and installation and servicing thereof for small-scale industrial, agricultural, commercial and residential consumers. Under the Regulations, AEDB carried out certification of vendors/ installers/ service providers for installation of wind & solar systems (both net-metering systems & off-grid systems). In this regard, AEDB has certified a total of 126 vendors/ installers/ service providers who have installed approx. 13,000 net-metering based systems all across the country with cumulative capacity of more than 200 MW.

CEO AEDB, Shah Jahan Mirza stated that the new simplified Regulations will act as a catalyst for promotion & deployment of clean and green energy in Pakistan through Distributed Generation exploiting huge wind and solar energy potential in the country.

The new Regulations have been formulated after extensive consultation with all the stakeholders both in the public & in private sector to simplify the procedures laid down in the existing regulations for opening up the market to create competition. Further, to give the broader scope to the Regulations & to allow the certified companies to avail the concessional financing of SBP, the Regulations are applicable for all size of projects for Distributed Generation, except net-metering which is up to 01 MW only. The term of the certificate under the new Regulations has also been increased from one year to 3 years.

By virtue of these Regulations, the certified Intaller would be responsible to provide the minimu warranties for the wind & solar energy equipment as prescribe undr the Regulations. Further, the Installer shall also ensure that the projects and the equipments comprised therein is compliant with the international standards and Specifications.

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