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AEDB and The Federal German Government, specifically the German Federal Ministry for Economic Development and Cooperation agreed to provide technical assistance to the Pakistani Government in the areas of Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency. The overall objective of the “Renewable Energies and Energy Efficiency Programme“ is to build capacities of the public and private sector to promote renewable energy (RE).

Objectives and indicators

The project follows up on the previous TC measure ‘Renewable energies and energy efficiency’ (PN:2011.2012.9), which was concluded on 31.10.2014.

In connection with the nexus approach of the BMZ to bring the issues of energy, water and nutrition closer together and to use resources sustainably, thereby achieving increased efficiency, it is planned that from 2015 this REEE project will be linked to a new EKF project in Lahore on ‘Water efficiency in the textile industry’, thereby combining the human and organisational resources as well as the strategic and partner orientation.

Module objective

Support mechanisms and strategies for investment in renewable energies and energy efficiency are employed by small and medium enterprises, the industrial sector and end users.


  1. At least two new financing instruments, e.g. credit lines and microfinance for RE and EE are available to investors and energy providers and are being used. Baseline: 0 (2014) Currently there are no special financing instruments available on Pakistan’s marketplace in addition to the feed-in tariff on RE and EE. Target: 2; Source: Data collected from financial service providers and their customers and target groups in relation to the availability of new financing instruments (credit lines in cooperation with financial institutions that have not yet been selected (including commercial banks and microfinance in cooperation with the Microfinance Network Pakistan).
  2. Two strategies are being implemented on the propagation of new support instruments such as EE certification, duty-free imports of RE/EE technologies, net-metering, etc. Baseline: 0, Target: 2; Source: Documents from media campaigns and other dissemination activities.
  3. 50 project proposals from investors (SME, industry, etc.) on RE/EE financing have been submitted to selected credit institutions (including commercial banks). Baseline: 0, Target: 50; Source: Project and financing applications, data collection on investments, application documents, etc.
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