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IFC – Lighting Pakistan Program (US $ 4 million in 4 years)

The program has been initiated with an objective to large scale deployment of renewable energies; Pave ways towards removing market entry barriers and build confidence in off-grid market by Quality Assurance of the solar products, Market Intelligence for improved investment decision making, Business-to-Business Connections between manufacturers, distributors and microfinance institutions and Public and Consumer Awareness to identify and buy quality-assured products.


IFC – A Solar Developer's Guide for Pakistan

IFC, on January 19, 2016 in Abu Dhabi United Arab Emirates launched a guide to help investors develop solar projects in Pakistan, part of ongoing efforts to help address the country’s energy shortfall and boost its capacity for renewables.  

The guidebook,A Solar Developer’s Guide to Pakistan, provides vital information for international investors and developers implementing solar projects in Pakistan, outlining development procedures and explaining the legal and regulatory mechanisms around them. It also explains the requirements surrounding the preparation, agreement, approval and implementation of projects up to financial close.


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